Friday, May 30, 2008


A pal of me (Hans) brought me to this website: Extrawheel a nice looking alternative to a Bob Yak.
Still not sure if I need a cooking stove and all the rest... Do I really need it, I'm certainly taking along a tent to be flexible. I don't expect that I can always sleep in cabins on a camping, maybe camp just somewhere nice along the way. But the cooking stove is not needed in my opinion, I can eat cooked along the way when I pass some interesting, for the rest I can live on bread, fruits and raw vegetables.

Changed my mind a little

My initial idea was going south to north, but I'm going to change this the other way around it's more natural.
My rough planning at the moment is: Go to Oslo (car,train or plane), step on a plane to Alta.
* From Alta to the Nordkapp with the bike in 3/4 days.
* Nordkapp - Honningsvag in Honningsvag take Hurtigrutten boat to Tromso
* Bike again from Tromso through the Lofoten
* ???
* Via Trollvegen through Geiranger and Sognefjellet
* ???
* Back with train or bike to Oslo depending on planning.

Monday, March 24, 2008

First track...

It's easter weekend and bad weather in Belgium. Luckily I'm sick so I'm not too pissed about not riding outside. When awake and if I'm not feeling to bad I've been surfing and started planning the route.
I've found some nice tracks on Bikely, I've also discovered some nice feature of Google maps: you can get directions from A to B and easily move the route and it recalculates the route, very handy to get a rough idea.
My initial idea is to start in Kristiansand and end at the Nordkapp, this make a trip of about 3200 kilometer. This is a lot!!! I don't know if this is doable on 1 trip, this would a least take 32 days roughly estimated, I really don't know how long I can bike... 100 km and more is something I do regularly as a training in the Ardennes, I think I can manage that but 32 days in a row...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Which bike?

I've several bikes: A very good mountain bike (Nicolai Helius), a nice roadbike (Specialized Roubaix) and my spare mountain bike (Cannondale Raven ). Both mountainbikes are full-suspension, but the Nicolai has too much travel (130mm) for this kind of trip.
Choosing between my roadbike and my Cannondale Raven shall be difficult. Will the roadbike be comfortable enough? Is the Raven reliable enough? Will the Raven fit me good enough? The Raven definitely needs some changes to make this roadtrip work...
At the moment my preference goes to the Raven...

How to move my luggage?

I was looking around the web for some nice alternatives to move your bagage around with you on the bike. I really don't like the idea of panniers, so I will be using a Bob Yak trailer or a Ibex (it has suspension not sure if it's needed...)
Just not sure that I can take everything with it... I'll probably going to be doing this alone and camping. I really don't have an idea what to take along...

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hi everybody interested in reading this.
I've started this blog to keep track of my progress in planning a bike trip to Norway.
It all started when looking for something to do in 2009, my bike year 2008 is already filled with a Trans-Tirol (mountainbike) and a mountainbiketrip to Spain (Andalucia).
As I've already been to Norway twice and really liked it there, I was looking for some mountainbiking there, but didn't find much yet, but I stumbled on a nice bike race that made my heart beat faster: a 300 km (or 600km) road 'race' during midsummer night. I almost booked the flight for 2008 but got thinking about this and I didn't go through with it due to several reasons.
However this got me thinking and I started fantasising about a 'roadbike' trip through Norway, to keep progress of this fantasy I've started this blog...

This blog therefore will contain my thoughts and progress about this adventure